Salwar suit is a very elegant traditional dress worn by the women of Pakistan and India. This outfit contains three parts, kameez (worn as a shirt), salwar (worn as a trouser) and a dupatta (also called chunni). The chunni or dupatta is always worn by the women of Pakistan and India while performing their religious rituals to cover the head. In the era of business and trade, ladies are declaring their characters through this practical and comfortable outfit, which they consider to be the most appropriate article of clothing for the public domains of monetary cooperation. The suit has been worn in open spaces for quite a long time by North Indian ladies, before this sensational selection of the suit in the recent past throughout the subcontinent


 Fashion trends in salwar suits

 Salwar suit is a well-loved ethnic outfit and appreciated for its comfort and versatility all over the world. With the passage of time, it has been transformed by the fashion designers into many types and a lot of fabrics are used today to make different kinds of salwar suits. Women can also opt for lovely and  good-looking salwar suits materials such as satin, velvet and brocade. Modern originators make these salwar suits in such a way that you can wear its distinctive parts with some other clothes and can provide a modern look by your three portion salwar suit. Distinctive appearances with these parts will give you different exquisite yet conventional looks.


Frequently asked questions 

Do men wear salwar suits?

 Yes, men also wear salwar suits but their designs are different from women


Are salwar suits only for casual wear?

 No, they are so elegant that you can wear them at festivals also.


Are salwar suits expensive?

 No, they are available at very affordable rates.