Facts About Buying Lehenga Choli Dress For Party Wear 

    The party wear lehenga choli dress is a traditional dress of India worn by Indian women. The first, antiquated type of lehenga was chiefly sewed from cotton, after which royal textures and weavings like silk and brocade were utilized, making lehenga further advance into royal clothing. Lehenga Choli keeps on going through changes with time, with social impacts shaping its outline or style in the numerous renditions of the lehenga choli known to us today.


Party wear lehenga choli

 The lehenga choli is a three piece clothing containing a long indian skin called “Lehenga” (usually embroidered, decorated or printed) that is worn by a fitting blouse called “Choli”. It is secured at the waist with a bare midriff. Furthermore, the lehenga-choli is matched with a 'dupatta' which goes about as a saree pallu and covers the mid-riff and head, depending upon how one wishes to wrap it.The lehenga choli is so stylish that it can be worn on ceremonial events and festivals especially on weddings and parties also.The sewing of a party wear lehenga choli dupatta set or a ghagra choli takes about at least twenty days relying upon factors like the texture, embellishments. The Lehenga has also converged with current impacts and worldwide patterns. The lehenga style Saree is one of the most recent Indian ethnic developments doing the rounds that merges the saree and lehenga outline into one.


Frequently asked questions

Is wearing lehenga choli suitable for only indian women?

 No, womens of other countries can use lehenga choli for party wear. It will perfectly suit them.


Are size variations available?

 Yes, a variety of size ranges are available.


Does lehenga choli come only with bare midriff?

 No, there is a collection of party wear lehenga choli with covered midriff also.